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The Fiber Box


The newest and latest innovation in Metal Clay firing vessels!

We are proud to introduce the newest and latest in firing vessels for metal clay.
  THE  FIBER  BOX    Your next best friend!
Unique not only in the material, but also in its structural design
that does away with all the nasty problems caused by stainless containers.
 Check it out!!!
  No more nasty dirty kilns   No fire scale   Extremely lightweight
Thermal Shock proof     
Sized to fit even the smallest kilns. 
It should be noted that all firing programs for the Fiber Pot should be adjusted to your particular kiln.     

The Stacking Fiber Box

Stacks 8 to fit in Paragon SC2 Kilns

1/2" Thick High Density Rigidized Ceramic Fiber Board Suitable for Temperatures to 2600 F.
3.5" x 3.5" Square x 3.25" h

Shipping Weight  6 oz.

FB-2   $21.95 Each

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