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Fiber Explained

Our fiber firing vessels (The Fiber Pot and The Fiber Box) are constructed with high quality, high density rigidized ceramic fiber board assembled with high temperature adhesives. They are extremely lightweight and will not form fire scale and will not dirty your kiln. Our vessels are thermal shock proof and can be removed safely from the kiln while still hot.

Please note that The Fiber Pot and The Fiber Box are made from insulating ceramic fiber material and are extremely efficient at holding heat. You may find that firing programs may need to be adjusted to your individual kiln.

It is not necessary to fire the The Fiber Pot or The Fiber Box with the lid on. Faster heating and cooling will be accomplished by firing with the lid off. If you chose to fire with the lid on, two holes have been added to aid in heat penetration and ventilation (The Fiber Pot only).

Once the kiln has cooled for a short time, remove The Fiber Pot or The Fiber Box from the kiln, place on a heatproof surface, and remove the lid (if used). While the carbon is cooling, you may stir a few times to aid in cooling the carbon more quickly. Note: Carbon allowed to cool naturally in a closed fiber vessel may burn completely away.

The Fiber Pot and The Fiber Box have been hardened with a rigidizer so that you may enjoy unending firings. Please use care in handling the The Fiber Pot and The Fiber Box to avoid early wear.


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